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Manufacturing Industries

Take direct orders from whole-sellers and retailers for your products in effective manner. Your customers (whole-sellers and retailers) can easily track orders, check stock, view order history and many more. As a manufacturer, you can authenticate your sales person's visits. One can track report between targeted and actual sales by viewing periodic reports.

Whole Sale Industries

As a whole-sellers, you can take direct order booking from retailers via digital cataloging. One can manage their product categories, sub-categories in flawless manner. Now change product and their categories' images, stock, price and other attributes on the fly.

Food Industries

Smart Sales Manager provides most effective territory mapping. Refine your outlet data in effective manner. Live sales reporting with digital signature will update you on real time.

Transport and Logistics

Real time delivery reports will keep you updating to track your goods' on time delivery. Track your delivery men's location, their path and time they took to deliver the goods.

Textile and Garment Industries

Give your salesperson privilege of digital order booking, larger product catalog, sales history and keeping minimum samples. Smart Sales Manager supports thousands of SKUs and their variants. All this helps you to save work hours with increase in sales.