Terms and Conditions

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Terms and condition listed below are related to Smart Sales Manager or SSM Mobile Application, Website, Admin Panel or API. Any user accessing it using Username or Password or by mobile are agreed with below mentioned Terms and Conditions.


Use of Smart Sales Manager can be done as Demo or Paid version only. Demo version will expire in 1 month. Paid version agreement will expire as soon as the payment is due. As soon as the payment done, agreement will be in action for selected period of time. Smart sales manager do not fall in any agreement in the case of demo. Agreement will be between User and Smart Sales Manager exclusively.


Usage of Smart Sales manager is limited to Mobile App, Website, and Admin Panel only. User cannot use its content, logo or images anywhere else. Smart Sales Manager is protected by copyright, trade secret, and other intellectual property laws. Any report or data provided by Smart Sales Manager will be subject to data captured in mobile or data input by admin pane. So Smart Sales Manager doesn't take responsibility for any human mistake or data loss.

User Content

Any data provided by user from admin, website or mobile will belong to that user. All users are responsible for their content. Any image, text, location, order or any other input provided by user will be responsibility of that user.

Support and Update

Customer support can be given in given time duration and office timing. User can be given below thing is support.

  1. Error solution for Mobile, Website, Admin panel only.
  2. Any feature development can be done on the fix cost bases.
  3. Support can be provided via phone or email during mentioned time duration.
  4. Smart Sales Manager is not responsible for any problem in Computer Hardware, Browser problem, Operating System problem, Mobile Hardware, or Mobile settings.
  5. Software update can be done at any point of time to mobile application, website and admin panel. Smart Sales manager will intimate you before 48 hours on your registered email address.

Payment, Refund and Liability

Smart sales manager is exclusively paid application. All the services will start after successful payment by the user. User needs to pay for the data usage to their related services provider for internet. Cancellation of services can be done at any point of time; the refund amount will be processed after 30 days of cancellation. Cancellation will be accepted by Email. Refund amount will contain the charge of remaining month(s). Current Month or Cancellation Month amount are not subject to be refunded. Any fix cost charges will not be refunded. In any case of dispute or refund Liability of Smart Sales Manager is limited to the amount that is paid by the user as payment.

Final Authority

Smart Sales Manager reserves the right to change general conditions of business conduct and yearly subscription without any previous consent from its users. In case the user does not agree with any of these changes, he may cancel the agreement. The contractual parties accept to solve all disputes, which could arise from their relationship, by mutual agreement. If an agreement is not possible, they shall refer to Court in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India for resolving the dispute. Legal regulations of Ahmedabad apply for any legal relationships arising from these conditions.