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Route Management

Easy to use, save your time and money and increase the level of service

With SSM, you can enhance your on field productivity and efficiency by continuously iterating the Journey Plan / Beat Plan / Route Plan of your executives as per the demand of market forces. SSM provides on-line mapping, routing, email and customer notifications into a single application. It is a perfect way to immediately plan efficient routes and reduce fleet expenses.

Digital Order Booking

Clean and minimal presentation of the services you provide for the company.

Today, sales orders can be managed through smart phone devices using sales order booking SSM application for android phones. Smart Sales Managers makes order booking a pleasant experience, even with thousands of SKUs. It facilitates faster booking of orders by the sales person directly from customer end without using the system. Using this mobile application, customers can shop for your favorite products and pay at your convenience.

Outlet Management

Clean and minimal presentation of the services you provide for the company.

SSM Outlet provides to you a complete catalog of amazing brands from different shops. Its provides complete information about your favorite brands, products and latest fashion trends! You can Browse and search many best brands and designer outlets, discover deep discounts at the stores you want to shop!

Smart Catalog Display

Catalog based order booking makes your work easy, saves time and money.

SSM's smart catalog displays entire product range. You can search and sort to find categories and subcategories easily. Catalog based order booking smoothen the process to a great extent. SSM catalog enables you to quickly find details about products and related information.

Track And Manage Employees

Smart time tracking to keep you and your team focused on real work.

With SSM you can see map of where your employees have been, where they are and where they’re going next, as well as how long they’ve spent at each stop throughout the day. You can check all information about employee leave, employee performance, employee's order at a glance with easy-to-understand graphs. It gives you a current, comprehensive view of all your employee activities. Smart Sales Managers have Leave Management System. Employees can add their leave(s) and view detailed history of all requested and past leaves. The manager get a notification with the details of leave. The manager can review and approve or reject employee's leave .

Product And Stock Management

Clean and minimal presentation of the services you provide for the company.

We ensure that changes and updates are easily made and latest products are seamlessly added to the application and/or website. You can see all amazing products with photos, names, prices and discounts. Search and sort to find products in certain categories or with specific attributes in a easy way.

Reports on Demand

Powerful reporting makes it easy to assess quickly

Do you want to know how your business is going? We will show you. Powerful reporting makes it easy to quickly assess what’s working and what isn't. The days of guessing are behind you. Make data-driven decisions to improve your marketing and business. Reports can be customized in any desired format to get the maximum relevant data at one place for further analysis. You can easily view and print monthly, weekly, yearly reports.

Powerful Admin Panel

Clean and minimal presentation of the services you provide for the company.

With SSM you get powerful admin panel which contains below features.

1. Customer management - Customer accounts need to be approved from admin panel before they can access their account in the store. You can view, add, edit and delete all customers and their data. Search and sort to easily find customers data You can track all customer's orders. You can view payment details of customer but you cant edit and delete payment data.
2. Employees Management – Manage your employee profiles and contact information. You can view, add, edit & delete employee's leave, reminder, messages and employee's check-in time.
3. Category Management – You can add, edit or delete category and sub category from admin panel. Categories can be divided into subcategories of different levels that unite products on more specific criteria.
4. Product Management – With SSM admin panel you can manage products faster and more efficient. Easily add, edit and view products, product categories, product names , product descriptions, product image(s), attributes, price, manufacturer, related products, product reviews and all other information about product(s) from admin. If you need to upload several thousand products then you can import bulk product data with all the product information from a single CSV file.
5. Order Management – You can search and sort to find orders by specific variables. You can change order status from Pending to Completed. You can view, edit, create and fulfill orders from admin panel. You can also view shipping and billing details.
6. Payment Management – You can view all customer payment details.

E-commerce Website Management

Clean and minimal presentation of the services you provide for the company.

Smart Sales Manager Website made in such a way that client can easily get access to the learning and the sales process. It has some basic features required to run a successful on-line selling business.

1. Customer Login / Registration
2. Customer account to view order status and history
3. Display of product categories and sub-categories
4. Display of products with their images, description and price
5. Facility to view and give product reviews
6. Facility to add product in wishlist
7. New Product Display Section: Shows newly added product randomly
8. Featured Product Display Section: Shows products marked by admin on a page
9. Simple order processing
10. Promotions and Discounts
11. Single page checkout
12. Order confirmation emails sent automatically to customers
Admin Features
1. Category Management-view and modify category details
2. Product Management - View and modify product details
3. Order Management - view the order information and change status pending to complete
4. Banner management - manage home page and another banners
5. Update and manage content easily
6. Manage all product reviews